Business Introduction

Chemical Material Business Department is a professional operation platform which is integrated with resource development, import and export trade, and the research, production, sales for the specialized products. In upstream, we establish the strategy cooperation with the main suppliers in Middle east, Africa and South America, the abilities of resource acquisition and channel controling are improved gradually; in downstream, we expand the industry chain, form the magnetic material series, boron series, tungsten products and other chemical products as our main business, set a good strategy relationship with many well-known enterprises, enhance the customer concentration, and become the indispensable part in the supply chain for the end customers.

The department insist on the operation strategy that is relying on Sinochem Group and fine chemical industry in Sinochem Hebei, taking chemical products as the main business, improving the upstream resource acquisition and domestic marketing service, and will focus on becoming the superior marketing service supplier in chemical products industry.

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